In response to the demand from financial institutions for an alternative to corporate recovery, O’Byrne Jenkins has developed an innovative approach to achieving the successful completion of a construction project, by means of ‘Step-in Management Solutions’.

This service is utilised where:

A financial institution has agreed to support the completion of a construction project with a customer, provided the management and cost administration responsibilities are being carried out by O’Byrne Jenkins on their behalf.

A financial institution has taken the decision to outsource the project management and cost administration of a project to O’Byrne Jenkins as an impartial, independent, single point of responsibility.

1 Build Out

  • Partial corporate recovery services where necessary
  • Status report
  • Action plan
  • Completion programme
  • Design consultant management
  • Advice on retention of any key personnel
  • Contract advice and negotiation
  • Re-tendering if appropriate
  • Approve and co-ordinate direct payments
  • Collateral warranties assessment
  • Compliance assessment
  • Pursue payment or bond entitlements
  • Interface with accounting, sales and legal teams

2 Investigative Review Report

  • Due diligence report on portfolio or projects
  • Compare funding value to project expenditure
  • Reconcile payment to costs
  • Assess value of work in place
  • Advise on materials being stored off site
  • Advise on materials being stored on site